Design in Motion


FreeFlex™ Ergonomic Propulsion System

The FreeFlex is designed to provide a comfortable and safe way for manual wheelchair users to go about their daily routines. The FreeFlex system keeps a user’s upper body in neutral positions, alleviating strain and preventing the compression of sensitive nerves, blood vessels, and avoiding any unnecessary strain on soft tissue. The motion of the upper body utilized by the FreeFlex propulsion system is designed for the ideal rehabilitation and prevention of debilitating injuries associated with wheelchair use.

"Prolonged wheelchair use is associated with musculoskeletal and neurological upper extremity injuries." 

Rory A. Cooper, Ph.D.
Director, Center of Excellence for Wheelchairs
& Associated Rehabilitation Engineering,
VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System

Key Features:

Mechanical Advantage       
The FreeFlex’s lever arm gives the product a 25% mechanical advantage over traditional wheelchair propulsion - especially useful for users with musculoskeletal weakness. 

Grip Strength

While some products offer a pinch grip making propulsion difficult, the FreeFlex system features a power grip, yielding an easier propulsion stroke.  The FreeFlex also utilizes larger muscle groups, which are not as prone to injuries, can tolerate the repetitive nature of these motions, and markedly increase the ease of propulsion.


Open and confined spaces: unlike other devices on the market, the FreeFlex can maneuver easily in both. A simple push to go forward; a simple pull for reverse. No fine finger dexterity is needed!

The physical and psychological benefits are significant, but what about price? Not only is the FreeFlex system far more affordable alternative than powered mobility, the device is also inexpensive compared to competitive propulsion systems in the market.

Aesthetically unobtrusive, the FreeFlex’s sleek design can actually decrease the functional width of the wheelchair!